We are an innovative organization created to facilitate putting your philanthropy and compassion into action. BAFK is a source of support for art and recreation programs serving children and young people of the San Francisco Bay Area. Building Art for Kids believes children should be able to participate in healthy, educational and formative activities beyond their daily experiences. The programs we encourage provide vital services crucial to our communities. We look for remarkable projects that positively affect the community. As a result, your support is visible in the form of resources at the neighborhood level, where children should have access to them.

If you want to support art and recreation programs for children and young people, encourage local organizations and feel good about doing it, then we are your philanthropic collaborator.

BAFK began 4 years ago as an idea among friends with a common concern. We are uniquely dedicated to seeking out and supporting Bay Area art and recreation programs for children and young people. The idea developed and grew. BAFK is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit . We are better able to leverage donations and collaborate with other organizations, direct funds and pool resources.

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